L & M Awards - We Make The Awards World Champions Wear!

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Standard Ribbon Colors
1st   Blue
2nd  Red
3rd  Yellow
4th   White
5th   Pink
6th   Green
7th   Purple
8th   Brown
9th   Gray
10th  Light Blue
*These are our standard color patterns.  Colors can be modified for events upon request.
1st   Blue, Red, Yellow
2nd  Red, Yellow, White
3rd-10th  Same As Standard
1st   Blue, Red, Yellow, White
2nd  Red, Yellow, White, Pink
3rd-10th Same As Standard
All Tri-Color
1st   Blue, Red, Yellow
2nd  Red, Yellow, White
3rd   Yellow, White, Pink
4th   White, Pink, Green
5th   Pink, Green, Purple
6th   Green, Purple, Brown
7th   Purple, Brown, Gray
8th   Brown, Gray, Light Blue
9th   Gray, Light Blue, Lavender
10th  Light Blue, Lavender, Burgundy
White Accents -Available upon request for any ribbon style- white side streamers with solid color center streamer, white accented rosette with colored button.
Custom Rosettes- Any of our rosette styles can be custom made for your event with different colors or arrangements. Or we can match other ribbon styles if needed.
Plate Charges
Orders over $200– no charge.  
Orders less than $200-
$20 for a rush order
$15 for a regular order
Foil Color– Gold or Silver included.
Several other colors available upon request at an extra charge.
Fringe- $1.25 per ribbon (if not specified)

Tassels- $1.00 per ribbon (if not specified)  
Extra Streamer Length
2” Wide Streamers $.15 per extra 2 inches of ribbon
2.5” Wide Streamers $.25 per extra 2 inches of ribbon
Printed Classes- $.50 per ribbon or by time (depending on quantity of ribbons)
Replacement Streamers- We will store unused ribbons for one calendar year from the date of show.  We will reuse the parts of the ribbons that are still in good condition upon return.  Credit per usable rosette and streamer will be given on the next year’s order.  If you wish to store your own ribbons, returned ribbons must be in hand a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of the show to use this service.
Delivery- Our policy is to ship out orders two weeks prior to the event.  Please place orders at least four weeks in advance to ensure this policy.  Early orders are always appreciated.
Rush Charge- May apply to orders that must be shipped within 5 business days from receipt of order.
Terms-  All prices are FOB Shelbyville and are subject to change without notice.
Claims-  Must be made within ten days of receiving order.
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